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Setup in a matter of minutes

Picking trolleys and tugger trains

Tool-free conversion permits new solutions and creates speed. Product or process-specific provisioning means are ideal when the product or the process are always the same. If a parameter changes, the transport trolley will no longer suit. Complex modifications are then required (change service, workshop, expenditure, time and costs) or the processes have to be adapted to the existing trolley, which negates effective process optimisation.

When happens when your transportation means can be flexibly adapted?
The picker is able to flexibly react to the change on the spot by attaching or moving modules. An everyday example: A product variant suddenly requires more or different components.

Flexible transportation brings a host of benefits:

  • Processes can be optimised or changed and the transport can be readily adapted to suit the new process - not the other way around.
  • After a product life cycle, the transport pool can be rearranged. All existing components can be combined in a different configuration.
  • The transportation means picks up the product, the dimensions of which change during the course of the production process, according to the given circumstances.
    Example: Various single parts form a product that changes in terms of size and weight.
  • A company that decides on a tugger train at a later time, already has all the necessary attributes in the carrier platform - the next step, the "tugger train" is now readily realised, by mounting a drawbar and connecting a trolley, for example.
  • Because the means of transport is reused, resources are conserved and economy is optimised
  • Assembling the small number of standard modules on the hole matrix board takes a matter of minutes, with no tools required. Through the high flexibility of the platform and the easily combined module parts, you can achieve the optimal arrangement of materials for your process.