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Work station

Logistics train, pre-assembly and assembly in one

Static systems are aplenty! Everything should be on wheels. Rollability allows an optimal positioning of your materials with no aids required. Wastefulness, in the form of unnecessary manoeuvring and moving, is eradicated.

Unnecessary movement, which not only limits an employee's efficiency but can also lead to poor quality in many cases, is often the result of unfavourable or lack of work station ergonomics. In order to improve work station ergonomics, the workflows must be analysed in detail to be able to create optimum conditions for the process as a whole. With the correct arrangement of materials and tools in the assembly area, the complete availability of all requisite materials and aids and the right environmental conditions, such as short reaching distances and the correct table height, even significant improvements can usually be achieved for little effort.

Unnecessary movement on a larger scale occurs when an employee keeps running around the work area, or if the employee even has to leave their own work area to obtain missing items from different areas for example. Rigid provisioning methods are often the reason for a lot of work time being wasted along routes. With this kind of time-wasting, the employee covers a considerable distance, which means they cannot deliver optimum value. The use of movable systems that can be adapted to the work process guarantees productivity and continuous improvement.

4Dflexiplat is the modular system for tools and materials. High flexibility, process optimisation and a large savings potential go hand in hand with this system. Productivity is increased, because unnecessary movement and time wasting are eliminated. All activity is concentrated on the direct creation of value. Optimal work stations are the key to satisfaction and, furthermore, to motivation. Exclusively productive and goal-oriented operations lead to increased productivity. Sophisticated intralogistics achieve a cost optimisation, in addition to process rationalisation.