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Logistics train

Transport trolley and provisioning trolley

Transportation alone is not enough. 4Dflexiplat offers an interface for the selection of materials and for the process of value creation itself. 4Dflexiplat was conceived to avoid friction loss on the interface, e.g. through transfer or rearranging of materials. The system satisfies the criteria necessary for selection, transportation and provision using the trolley, and, in ideal conditions, for implementation of the value creation process (e.g. in assembly of a product). ?

The platform offers a stable format, which can be adapted to the internal transport logistics system (Tugger train). The structures store the materials securely and offer a completeness check. Packaging becomes superfluous. Goods entry is optimised.?

A further possible application is the integration of the suppliers, through which the 4Dflexiplat system may be used as kanban bins, for example. In this case, the platform trolley becomes the Kanban bin. Replenishment time and material consumption dictate the number of Kanban bins. On-site operators or logisticians assume responsibility for your material.

Kanban is a method of inventory management and product control. Based on the pull principle, it is a self-contained control loop. Under the pull principle, the consumer takes the material it requires for production from its supplier. When the consumer has used up a pre-specified Kanban quantity, it requests the supplier in the form of a Kanban card (Kanban being the Japanese word for card) to produce the Kanban quantity again.

?Often, customers expect not only products, but also transport solutions. 4Dflexiplat satisfies the main criteria necessary to deliver high quality products, as a transport rack for frequent transit. Create links with customers through this exceptional service.