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Tow tractor

Get on the move, locally or worldwide!

Tugger trains bring together lots of advantages. The towing bar provides the tugger train with directional stability for your internal logistics. Expensive single ‚taxi trips‘ using the fork lift truck are replaced and material enters the workflow efficiently. Without any empty runs. A standardised means of transport with all the necessary functions is required: 4Dflexiplat.

Tugger trains are suitable for materials for which a medium to low, but highly regular need exists. Ideally, the tugger can transport a range of small and medium-sized parts or bins, since the driver is supposed to be able to move and roll them along the route without any additional tools. Trolleys designed specifically for the purpose may be required for large parts and bins. The advantages of a tow tractor in terms of its ability to bundle requirements can best be realised with mid-range to long distances between the sinks and the source (station). In such cases, a high delivery frequency coupled with high tow tractor output can be achieved with the materials. Material is moved. Another argument is the increasing awareness for safety: many companies are aiming for a "fork lift truck-free factory".

4Dflexiplat - Joined together, the pluggable drawbar connection turns the 4Dflexiplat transport trolleys into a directionally stable tugger trolley for your internal logistics. Other drawbar systems are adaptable. 4Dflexiplat can be used as a transport or change trolley with common E-Frame systems (also B-Frames,
C-Frames and U-Frames and others).

Using 4Dflexiplat in tugger trains saves on cost. The tugger train can not only be used around the site. In fact, the kinds of activities it can be used for are just as flexible as its construction - they are unlimited.

Outside of the company, the platform trolley can be turned into a transport rack. Material that is sourced and picked from the supplier can be put straight into the process. Products can be transported safely and efficiently on transport racks and so be ready and available for whatever the customer needs them for in the next processing stage.