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Standard modules

Platform trolley with flexibility

From the combination of a functional basic platform, structural framing system, the modular pipe system and complementary parts, comes a structure made up of standard modules, suitable for virtually any application. With a standardised hole matrix board, 4Dflexiplat serves as a construction base for individual pipe structures. Many diverse structural framing systems available on the market are suitable.

Process optimisation comes from change. Changes to activities call for different material compositions. Flexibility is required. A set trolley that is able to alter is functions permits a different, more adaptable intra-logistic system. The provisioning trolley is adapted to the new material composition by quickly re-plugging the standard modules and other structures without using tools. This is made possible by standardised modules, which are simply combined in a different arrangement. By the picker or precision logistician or as early as the process planning phase. ?Owing to this great flexibility, the logistics and maintenance trolley can be easily dismantled or reassembled, e.g. after a product cycle. Standardised containers, structural modules and platforms allow alterations to be made to all parts at any stage of the process. A loop of exchangeable parts is created. This is what we understand as lean optimisation.