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Internal transport system

Dragging and towing aids, driverless transport systems

Ergonomy plays a key role. Transport, movement, optimum working positions for routes and reaching distances require a great deal of effort when large loads are involved. Rational aids are required to get your set trolley flowing freely. No problem. The stable platform features standardised contact points for all handling aids – so-called movers – commonly used on the market. So the platform can be hooked into the hitch on the mover without any tools or conversion work. A tiling motion brings it to a stop and the material can start to flow. Work is more pleasant and less demanding for your employees.

The advantages of using pulling and towing aids include the ergonomic work station design, the increased turnover and the resultant optimisation of the logistics processes. In addition to that, a higher degree of safety is achieved for both operator and materials, especially when it comes to heavy loads. So you improve increased efficiency and employee satisfaction and reduce personnel expenditure.

Moreover, automation can be achieved with driverless transport systems, referred to as FTS. A sensor-controlled underride tugger picks up your 4Dflexiplat and moves it through the company along defined routes. The platform is picked up by riding under and lifting or pulling. This takes the manual effort out of transporting. This is the ideal solution for cycled routes that are identical every time. These systems often replace transport devices such as forklifts and pallet trucks, the idea being a "fork lift-free factory".

Get your material flowing - with minimum effort.