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Optimal working positions and shorter reaching distances

4Dflexiplat is a lasting solution for product optimisation. In addition, the resultant ergonomic nature of the work protects employee health and safety and, furthermore, improves quality and efficiency. this is because  4Dflexiplat brings the material to you at the correct height needed for further processing. No searching, stooping or wandering around. Everything is right where you need it, ready for direct access! Rollability and ergonomic height levels mean shorter reaching distances (best point). So efficient transport is guaranteed and your employees can concentrate fully on the assembly process.

Ergonomic work stations in the process steps are the key to high performance, perfect quality and efficient, cost-efficient results. Work stations demonstrate each and every day that not only do they achieve average performance increases of 20% and more, they also cut costs and improve quality. The ergonomic potentials of 4Dflexiplat allow you to reduce error quotas and the time your employees need for familiarisation.

A work station is upgraded with just a few standard modules.  mit dem auch gleichzeitig transportiert wird. Picked material, mounting parts and even tools are delivered straight to your U-line or flow line for this value creation process. No additional selection, no waiting around or reassembling at another work station.
The mobile work station, the transport trolley, is especially suitable for simple assemblies, usually pre-assemblies. Ideally, the material is supplied to the work station where it is processed and remains on the mobile transport means for the next converter.

Ergonomy means less fatigue and less harmful strain for employees. This improves motivation, yield and quality. Consistent with a zero error strategy, it is crucial that these framework conditions are satisfied.

Because 4Dflexiplat is readily changed and has a modular structure, it is part of the ergonomy.