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The trolley – field tested and flexible

4Dflexiplat is a clever system, not just in the field of logistics and material staging, but also in workplace layout. It will become a vital tool in your process improvement by guiding you in the implementation of the basic principles:

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Standardise
  • Reduce waste
  • Streamline set-up times
  • Reduce batch sizes
  • Provide ready-to-use materials, i.e. reduce processing time
  • Zero-defects strategy

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Avoid waste and errors (Muda), synchronise workflows and continuously improve (Kaizen, KVP) or change or revamp entire production units, process chains or systems (Kaikaku) – this is how lean production Works (Lean Philosophy).
There is only ever one goal: satisfied customers.

The "Lean Philosophy" is about transforming the industrial culture. In general terms, it means amalgamating expertise and responsibility closer to the "basis". Concentrating on value-adding activities will inevitably eliminate waste. Improved communication within the company and with the supplier, and a strong customer focus. The idea is to "infect" employees across all levels and functions with the lean philosophy.

Lean Production is an array of principles that seeks mainly to build the various methods applied on one another: synergies are created. So there isn't much sense in applying only individual elements. An integrated lean approach becomes apparent. Eliminate the unnecessary, concentrate on the essential and streamline processes.

We will support you along this journey with interesting incentives and useful tools to safeguard your lean standard over the long term. Transportation means is a topic for discussion – yet you will be surprised by the role that "material" plays in this transformation.

Lean means "less is more". Reduce the complexity of your transportation by opting for a single system and improve value creation for your customers at the same time. Superfluous transportation means are eliminated and production flows are optimised.??

Optimise processes. Get material moving. 4Dflexiplat takes your lean methodology to a new level.